ESSENCE Poll: How Important is it to You That the Characters in Your Children’s Books are Black?
Michael Poehlman

This week, we are celebrating National Children’s Book Week, a time for both kids and parents to curl up with a good book (admit it: You almost love your children’s books as much as they do). Where else can you find such cute and innocent characters whose only problem in life is trying to figure out where their friends hid in a game of hide-and-seek? 

Of course, we all cheer when our children discover the magic of reading, but do we cheer harder when they pick up one book over another? Some parents cheer especially hard when their kids pick up a book with a Black leading characters as opposed to a protagonist of a different race.

When you step into Barnes & Noble with your child, do you point them to books that only have Black characters, or is that something that doesn’t even cross your mind? Take our poll and share with us your favorite book to read to your kids.

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