ESSENCE Poll: How Have You Experienced Colorism?
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On tonight’s episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass, Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant address colorism and the impact it has on self-esteem. The term colorism can be defined as the prejudice people face based on skin color (ie. darker skin vs. lighter skin).

Watch a clip of actress Tika Sumpter discussing colorism here.

The effect of colorism in Hollywood and media is obvious in the types of images, and skin tones, that are celebrated versus those that aren’t. The more subjective experience occurs in our communities where light-skin vs. dark-skin prejudices persist. A documentary like Bill Dukes’ Dark Girls featured dark-skinned women sharing their experiences of brutal discrimination in their communities. Yet someome like actress Tika Sumpter, herself a dark-skinned woman working in Hollywood, says her complexion has never made her feel less-than. It’s all subjective.

Is colorism an issue in your life? If so, how have you experienced it: at work, in relationships, at school? Share your story below.