ESSENCE POLL: How Far Would You Go to Keep a Good Man?

Sometimes we don’t recognize real love until we’ve lost it. So then what? Do you fight like hell to get it back or count your loses, learn your lessons and move on?

Last night’s two-hour finale of BET’s hit drama Being Mary Jane had us on the edge of our couches, and for good reason. Gabrielle Union’s embattled heroine, Mary Jane Paul, realized she was still madly in love with her ex, David (Stephen Bishop), who’s now engaged to another woman and excepting a child. Fueled by alcohol and a couple of pep talks from her girls, Mary Jane showed up at his place, put all of her feelings on the table and begged for a second chance. Only, he wasn’t having it at all.

Filled with regret and forced to move on, Mary Jane went home, content with knowing that she’d given her best efforts to “go get her man.” (And, we’re not even going to go into the whole freezing-his-sperm thing right now!) Was she fighting for the love of her life, or making a fool of herself? The verdict was still out on Twitter, when we asked readers who were watching along. For some of you, pride just wouldn’t ever let you go that far, while others said they admired Mary Jane’s valiant last-ditch efforts to have the love she wanted most, even if she had to humiliate herself in the process.

Now, you tell us: How far would you go to keep a good man in your life? Is there a line you wouldn’t cross? Should he be pursuing you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and your responses could be featured on