ESSENCE Poll: How Do You React to National Tragedy?
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Yesterday, a tornado devastated Moore, Oklahoma just 10 miles south from Oklahoma City, reports ABC. As of this morning, the state’s medical examiner spokeswoman Amy Elliot has revised the death toll, lowering the number from 51 to 24.

On Monday, just before 3 p.m. a tornado of at least EF-4 strength, with speeds up to 200 mph, made it’s way through the city and destroyed entire neighborhoods and two elementary schools. In the aftermath, residents were seen going through the rubble searching for their loved ones and any survivors.

So far, 242 patients, including 58 kids, have been treated at areas hospitals for lacerations, broken bones, neck and head injuries.

Last night, President Obama signed a Major Disaster Declaration which gives federal money to those affected by the damage as well as gives extra assistance to first responders and other recovery efforts, reports the White House.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first tragedy that has rocked America in recent months. In April during the Boston Marathon, two bombs exploded killing three people and injuring hundreds. At the end of 2012, the nation rallied behind Newtown, Connecticut after a shooter took the lives of 26 small children and staff at a local elementary school. Just months before that, America pulled behind family and friends devastated by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast.

With so many heart-wrenching stories on the news lately—both weather and violence related—how do you react to national tragedy? Take our poll below and explain your choice in the comments.

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