At the end of last season, Wendy Williams made her feelings about the Kim and Kanye union very clear. She said it wasn’t going to last more than 72 days, which was the length of Kardashian’s previous marriage to Kris Humphries. And she told audiences that if it lasted, she “would eat crow.”

Now 114 days later, with everything going well in Kimye paradise, it seemed like Williams had some owning up to do. Only in Wendy Williams fashion, the talk show host called a gourmet chef to the show to make a crow gumbo. And she ate her crow—and her words. 

Now, not everyone does it as big as she does. But owning up to your mistakes is part of growing. So we want to know: How do you own up to being wrong? Do you apologize? Do you make it right with the person? Do you turn to a grand gesture like sending flowers to their job or buying expensive gifts? Or do you not even know what we’re talking about? Take our poll and let us know. 

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