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ESSENCE Poll: How Do You Feel About Cohabitation?

Last night on Being Mary Jane, MJ kicked her man to the curb after he confessed he didn't want to live together. Would you have done the same?
ESSENCE Poll: How Do You Feel About Cohabitation?
Facebook/Being Mary Jane

Last night’s season finale of Being Mary Jane had us on the edge of our seats (that ending!), but there was one theme in particular that stuck with us: cohabitation.

After Mary Jane’s loud-and-proud bachelor boo, Sheldon, confessed that he wanted to maintain his singledom (read: no marriage, no kids and especially no living together), MJ decided to move on. How could she stay with a man who couldn’t even envision living with her?

When it comes to moving in together, people’s views are scattered across the board. Some people prefer to get a taste of what they’re signing up for before signing the marriage license, while others refuse to even entertain the idea before they’ve walked down the aisle.

Where do you stand? Take our poll and leave us a comment telling us the best (and worst!) parts about living with a partner.

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