Photos of mothers breastfeeding in public are continuing to spark controversy online. The latest is of California mom, Karlesha Thurman, nursing her 3-month-old daughter at her college graduation.

In the photo, Thurman is in a crowd of graduates, wearing her cap and gown while her daughter nurses. Thurman, 25, said at the time she didn’t think twice about nursing her daughter, who had become fussy, because that’s what she always does when she’s hungry.

“I honestly thought that as a society, people were more understanding to breastfeeding and understood the importance of breastfeeding,” she wrote on Facebook. “It’s not disgusting, it’s not a bad thing, it’s not a negative thing. It’s the best thing for my daughter. More people should do it.”

The accounting major went on to share that none of the other graduates said a word when it happened. In fact, the photo was taken by a friend who “thought it was cool.”

Thurman didn’t do anything with the photo until she came across the Facebook page, Black Women Do Breastfeed, and decided to post it in support of women who wrote of getting dirty looks while nursing in public.

“I was proud of the fact that not only did I graduate but that I got to share the moment with the one person who is the most important to me and that is my daughter,” she said.

Soon after posting, she learned not everyone shared her sentiment. Some even accused her of being inappropriate — to put it lightly.

How do you feel about breastfeeding in public?

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