December 1 marks not only the last stretch of the year, but also World AIDS Day.

Dispelling widespread rumors about the disease, stressing the importance of safe sex, and supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS is the main goal for the nationwide observance.

Killing an estimated 39 million people to date and 1.2 million people in 2014, HIV/AIDS is still a major health issue, especially in our communities.

A common misconception, especially among younger generations, is that HIV/AIDS is no longer an issue but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A recent study found that the proportion of teens and people ages 20 to 29 that have contracted HIV/AIDS in Maryland have doubled, reflecting a growing trend across the nation.

Lack of information and the decline in fear related to the virus are the main culprits of the trend.

Having teens and young adults that disregard HIV/AIDS as a disease of the past is dangerous to say the least, showing that it’s now more important than ever to talk to loved ones about safety.

When it comes to sexual health in regards to HIV/AIDS how do you educate your children? Let’s talk about it, share some ideas, and keep our kids safe!

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