Common Core Curriculum strikes again.

Yet another parent is baffled by the method of teaching math and has taken to the internet for moral support.

The parent of a third grade student posted a picture of her child’s corrected Common Core-style math quiz and it’s raising eyebrows everywhere, reports Fox.

When asked what 5×3 was, the student correctly answered “15” but was docked a point for writing “5+5+5” instead of “3+3+3+3+3.”

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Yet another point was taken away when the child correctly answered what 4×6 was, but failed to use the common core method.

Although this causes many parents and non-parents alike to go “huh?” experts stand by the method saying that it helps children grasp the underlying concepts of math.

How are you handling your child’s new way of learning subjects like math? Are you open to learning new methods or are you leaving things up to the teachers? Let us know!

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