ESSENCE Poll: Does Winning Really Take Care of Everything?
Nike/ Facebook

Tiger Woods is back on top. His win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Monday re-ascends him to the No. 1 ranking in the world. In celebration, Nike Golf posted an ad on its Facebook page that reads, “Winning Takes Care of Everything.”

The ad raised a few eyebrows as many wondered whether it was okay to celebrate Woods’ win with a dig at his past transgressions. “Would Nike put that slogan under Lance Armstrong’s picture? Mike Vick?” tweeted David Brown. “Being a better human fixes everything, not winning.”

To Nike’s credit, Woods created the slogan last year during the Tour Championship after golfing champ Greg Norman accused him of being intimidated by opponent Rory McIlroy.

Golf’s former golden boy has hardly been on top ever since his disastrous fall from grace in 2009 following reports that he was a serial cheater. His then wife Elin Nordegren divorced him in 2010. Woods has remained fairly under the radar for the past three years while he worked his way back up golf’s rankings.

Does winning really change everything? Can we say the same for Michael Vick, Chris Brown or, say a Kobe Bryant? Are we able to forgive athletes (or all famous folk for that matter) for their past transgressions if only they excel in their craft? Share your thoughts and comments with us below.[poll id=286626]