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ESSENCE Poll: Does Size Matter?

A study has found that women prefer to have a long-term partner that is slightly smaller than a one-night stand. Does size matter to you?

What exactly is the perfect size?

According to the Daily Beast, researchers from UCLA and the University of New Mexico aimed to answer the elusive question by conducting a study using 3D-printed penises to help women chose the “perfect size.”

The study ultimately found that women prefer a penis size only slightly larger than average and the preference differs depending on the woman’s relationship with the man.

For a long-term partner, women reported an ideal length of 6.3 inches and an ideal circumference of 4.8 inches. When it came to one-night stands the sample indicated that 6.4 inches long and 5 inches around was best.

There are women who maintain that size isn’t a main factor when it comes to being intimate, yet others are clear that it makes all the difference.

Where do you fall on the spectrum?

When it comes to finding the perfect partner, is size a factor for you? Let us know!

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