Nicole Richie appeared on Oprah: Where Are They Now? this past Sunday to talk about her marriage and family life.

Asked about the easiest and hardest part of being married, Richie, who has been married to Good Charlotte member Joel Madden for three and a half years said:

“We met and we were partners from day one. And from the second we found out we were going to parents together, we looked at each other and we said, ‘Okay, both of our parents are divorced. We both have had ups and downs with our parents and we don’t really have a strong example of what a healthy family life is. But, we’re recognizing that now, so let’s work at it and let’s go through this together as a team.’ It’s been great. And I would say that’s the easiest and hardest part.”

The Madden’s are part of a growing group of couples faced with building something they didn’t necessarily get to see growing up — a lasting, healthy marriage. Do you see having divorced parents (or parents who were never together at all) as a setback that people have to work to overcome in their own relationships? Or does seeing your parent’s relationship fail help you make better decisions in your own? Let us know your thoughts and experiences below.

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