A new study by SheKnows Media shows that big media companies may want to slow down on celebrity endorsements and focus on the everyday woman to push their products.

According to Fast Company, new research shows that women consumers are becoming more wary of paid celebrity endorsements. Women want feedback from people they can relate to with 86% of the 1,470 women surveyed saying they put their trust in real peoples’ product reviews instead of bloggers and celebrities.

The study reveals that when it comes to specific platforms 58% of women turn to YouTube to learn about products from relatable experts, 52% turn to Facebook, 50% rely on Pinterest and 46% look to Instagram for new products to try.

African-American women were found to feel an even stronger connection to relatable experts than their white counterparts, presumably because big name companies often don’t cater to their needs.

When your favorite celebrity endorses a product, are you influenced to buy it or do you look to everyday women for what’s new and next?

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