ESSENCE Poll: Do You Think You Need Social Media to Get Ahead Professionally?

Many of us use social media to share bits and pieces of our personal and social lives, but how many of us are using it to brand ourselves professionally?

In an interview with Oprah for an all new episode of Oprah Prime (formerly Oprah’s Next Chapter) comedian Kevin Hart talks about how vital social media has been to his career. 

“Social media is everything for me,” he told Oprah. “I mean in our generation, in today’s time, being able to talk back and forth with your fans goes a long way. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, these things are all tools that I don’t — I don’t like to say that — the actors before me, but, the older actors, you know, the Denzels, your Will Smiths, they’re not social media savvy because they didn’t have to back then. There was a talk show.  Campaign. And then that was it.”

With 11 million Twitter followers, two 2014 box-office hits (About Last Night and Ride Along), two more coming out before the end of the year (Think Like a Man Too, School Dance), one in post production (The Wedding Ringer), and two more that are currently filming, it’s safe to say that Kevin Hart may know what he’s talking about.

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What do you think? Should those in creative professions be constantly sharing their work on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter? Should doctors and lawyers be branding themselves as experts in their respective fields by sharing new findings and engaging in Twitter discussions? 

Let us know your thoughts below.

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