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ESSENCE Poll: Do You Think Movie Theaters Need Security Checks?

Regal Entertainment Group has established a bag check policy in response to shootings at theaters around the country. Is heightened security needed at movie theaters?

Avid moviegoers may be subject to a few extra precautions when headed to the theater.

According to ABC News, Regal Entertainment Group is beginning to check bags following shootings at theaters across the country.

The decision comes after a man with a history of mental illness attacked guests at a theater in Anitoch, Tennessee before being shot dead by the police. Two weeks before that incident, a man shot and killed two people before taking his own life during a screening of Trainwreck in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Both attacks come three years after James Holmes—who was recently sentenced to life in prison—killed 12 and injured another 70 theatergoers at he midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.

With heightened security some hope that the movie going experience will be safer, while others believe it won’t have much of an effect.

How do you feel about security at the movies? Are you welcoming the change in exchange for safer theaters or do you feel it’ll take away from the experience and even make you more uncomfortable? Sound off.

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