Ferguson police are saying the emotional outbursts of Michael Brown’s stepfather may have started a riot, CNN reports.

After the grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson was announced last Monday, a visibly upset Louis Head, husband to Lesley McSpadden and stepfather to Michael Brown, stood on a platform and screamed to the surrounding crowd, “F–k the police! Burn this motherf—er down!”

Shortly afterwards, protesters took to the streets. Dozens of businesses were looted, and personal property was torched and damaged. 

While no charges have been filed against Head, police reportedly plan to question him “as part of an ongoing investigation into the activities surrounding Nov 24 pertaining to the rioting, looting and arsons,” Ferguson spokesman Jeff Small said. Michael Brown’s mother doesn’t think her husband is at the root of the riots.

“I say that’s impossible,” McSpadden said. “These things have been going on since August 9 when it first happened.”

Head has since apologized for his comments but according to a statement obtained by Don Lemmon, he says to blame him for the riots in Ferguson “goes way too far and is as wrong as the decision itself.”

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