ESSENCE Poll: Do You Think Flirty Messages Are Cheating?
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The Huffington Post released an infographic this week about everyone’s favorite, least favorite topic: cheating.

Most of the results were not surprising: women think emotional cheating is worse, men think sexual cheating is, etc. However, the newest form of cheating, “the flirty text message,” is becoming problematic for lovebirds. 

Most women have remained steadfast in their feelings about the inappropriateness of flirty messages, as 68 percent consider it a form of cheating. Yet, only half of the men (51%) surveyed by HuffPo agree. 

What do you think about flirty messages? Is it a dealbreaker if you catch your significant other sending flirty texts, tweets, Facebook messages, etc.? Let us know your social media relationship rules below!

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