ESSENCE Poll: Do You Personally Feel Threatened by Terrorism?
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“12 People Killed in Terrorist Shooting.” That’s the headline we’re seeing all over the news today after three armed men opened fire at the offices of French satirical magazine in Paris. The magazine, Charlie Hebdo, came under attack after publishing controversial images of the Muslim prophet, Muhammad.

France has since raised its terror alert to the highest level and news outlets are reporting the attack as an act of terrorsism. President Obama has even said he would stand by France and “offer any assistance needed to bring these terrorists to justice.” 

The scary thing is that this isn’t the first attack we’ve heard about in recent months. From the Boko Haram kidnappings to the stories about ISIS and even the cyber attack on Sony. It’s beginning to feel like another attack could be just around the corner any day.

With terrorist attacks leading the headlines, we’re wondering if you all are beginning to get worried. Do you personally feel threatened by terrorism or is it a distant worry for you? Take our poll and sound off in the comments with what worries you the most.

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