ESSENCE Poll: Do You Feel Like Your Personal Information Is Secure?
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We go through so many digital transactions each day. From a swipe at your local breakfast joint, to typing in your credit card information while online shopping and then swiping again at the ATM around the corner, everything is a constant exchange of our personal information. 

And with the recent Home Depot breach, more and more of our information is at jeopardy of being exposed. It has been released that the most recent Home Depot breach put 56 million payments at risk, making this the largest compromise of credit and debit cards yet. 

Experts recommend that we not only check our bank and credit card statements regularly, but that we also change our passwords frequently, steer clear of sketchy ATMs and online vendors and use credit instead of debit when shopping. 

From the iCloud hacks to the Home Depot breaches, do you feel like your information is secure? Take our poll and let us know. 

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