ESSENCE Poll: Do You Feel Like Your Degree(s) Were Worth the Money?

With mounting student loan debt, unwaivering unemployment rates and increasing college costs many recent graduates are wondering: “Was it worth it?”

According to the Washington Post, a national survey released Tuesday reveals that only 38% of students who have graduated college in the past decade strongly agree that their degree was worth the cost. Students with debt had an even lower satisfaction rate with only one in three strongly agreeing that their education was worth it.

The findings are not surprising as the unemployment rate for recent college graduates has remained around 9 percent and nearly half of graduates in their 20s are working jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree.

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This issue presents a conundrum of sorts because today more than ever, jobs require a college degree. Positions that didn’t require higher education in the past are now looking at them as a basic prerequisite with the idea that a degree indicates the ability of candidate to finish what they started, but is that worth the debt many take on?

How do you feel about the cost of your higher education? Was your money well spent or are you left wondering if it was worth it? Vent below!

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