ESSENCE Poll: Do You Feel Comfortable in a Bikini?
Monif C.

Bikini season is upon us and with more skin comes more…body shaming?

YouTube blogger Loey Lane recently took to her channel to combat commenters that shame her for flaunting her curves, reports Cosmopolitan.

“Why is it that someone else can dictate that you are not allowed to put something on your body?” she asks as she addresses the negative responses she gets about her body and what larger women should and shouldn’t be able to wear.

Good question.

Body shaming is a huge issue that has only gotten more fuel with the spread of social media. Women of all shapes and sizes feel uncomfortable showing their skin, especially when it comes to wearing a bikini.

We want to know how you feel. When it comes time to hit the beach or the pool, are you game to rock a bikini or are you not quite there yet? Let us know!

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