ESSENCE Poll: Do You Care About The Race of Your Daughter’s Dolls?

Curly Girl Collective, an organization that celebrates all things natural hair, collected approximately 100 dolls of color to give to an organization in New York City that serves low-income and disadvantaged girls of color last week. 

The “All Dolled Up” event aimed to collect black dolls and make their hair curly, before donating them to the community-based organization. The event was inspired by Tiana Parker and Vanessa VanDyke, two little girls who were targeted by their schools for wearing their natural hair styles.

The event brought together a number of bloggers, community leaders, and fashion-forward natural-haired women to help them give girls of color dolls that look like them. 

For a pictorial of how to transform a black doll’s hair from straight to natural, click here

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Many of us never got the opportunity to play with dolls that looked like us. Now with the amount of black dolls increasing, black women are taking things into their own hands to provide natural hair options whether it’s transforming the hair themselves or creating dolls with afros like Cynthia Bailey.

The focus on black, natural haired dolls, this holiday season has us wondering how important the color of doll your daughters dolls are to you. Do you just want to make sure there are some dolls that look like her in the mix or do you prefer those are the only kind she plays with? Or is it not of much importance to you?

Feel free to explain your stance in a comment!

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