ESSENCE Poll: Do You Ask If There’s a Gun In a Home That You or Your Child Are Visiting?
Tom Helmersen

A Houston family is grieving after a 4-year-old boy fatally shot himself on Sunday with a gun that he found while staying at his babysitter’s house.

An ABC affiliate news station reports that Codrick McCall Jr. was sleeping over at a relative’s house while his mother was out celebrating her birthday. Around noon on Sunday, Codrick somehow got a hold of the gun and shot himself. There were multiple people in the home at the time of the tragedy. Police are currently investigating who—if anyone—is to blame in this heartbreaking story (it’s illegal to leave an unlocked, loaded gun within reach of children). 

ESSENCE Poll: Do You Feel Comfortable Having a Gun in Your Home?

Too often, we read stories of children accidentally shooting themselves while either at their home or at a friend or caregiver’s house, which raises an important question: Do you ask if there’s a gun in a home that you or your child are visiting? Take our poll, and let us know how you broach the topic.

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