ESSENCE Poll: Do You Agree with President Obama’s Call for Military Action?
AP Photo/Mandel Ngan, Pool

For months, the Islamist terrorist group ISIS has been wreaking havoc across the world. The group, which was established in 2004, is devoted to forming an independent Islamic state in the Middle East. However, its forces turned particularly deadly after al Qaeda disowned the group early last year.

Through oil extraction and the many taxes that it has implemented in Syria, the group has bottomless funds dedicated to overthrowing local governments by any means necessary. 

After ISIS captured thousands of civilians in August, President Obama launched an airstrike against the militant group, and the following month, the U.S. government proposed a plan to defeat ISIS. Since then, members have captured and violently beheaded dozens of both U.S. and global citizens. Oftentimes, the executions are uploaded to the Internet via YouTube. ISIS is also known for hacking Twitter accounts, including a suspected hack earlier this week threatening the First Family.

Yesterday, President Obama requested that Congress authorize the use of military force to take down the terrorists.

“The so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) poses a threat to the people and stability of Iraq, Syria, and the broader Middle East, and to U.S. national security,” Obama wrote in his proposal. “It threatens American personnel and facilities located in the region and is responsible for the deaths of U.S. citizens”

We want to know if you agree with President Obama’s decision to bring military force to the fight against ISIS. Take our poll, and let us know in the comments below what you think the best option is.

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