ESSENCE Poll: Do White Soul Singers Have a Responsibility to Support Black Artists?
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Adele’s newest single “Hello” is bonafide hit. It has broken a number of records, inspired memes, mashups and think pieces and has fans everywhere singing along or maybe even texting their exes.

The success of an artist, White or Black is always great to watch but we can’t help but to wonder where’s the love for Black artists making the same genre of music?

Remember “Fool’s Gold,” Jill Scott’s single from her recently released album Woman? Or how about “Forever Don’t Last” from Jazmin Sullivan’s comeback album? Both were released this year, both women have songs that pull the same heart strings yet, nothing.

No hoopla, no fanfare, in fact the buzz surrounding each release was pretty quiet.


We’re huge fans of blue-eyed soul singers, but we’re wondering why Black artists don’t seem to reach the same heights when singing music that stems from their own culture.

While most White artists give credit where it’s due, we’re wondering if they have a responsibility to do more. Maybe invite some soul artists on tour, or do more collaborations? Or is that too much to ask of a person that’s simply using their talent? Do White soul singers owe anything to Black artists? Tell us what you think.

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