ESSENCE Poll: Do Celebs Owe Us Explanations For Personal Scandals?
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Yesterday, Beyonce’s camp released an official statement from the singer, her husband Jay Z, and sister Solange about their now infamous elevator scuffle. 

The statement had the usual bread and butter (‘we take responsibility, they made up, we’re moving on, we hope you do too’) but no meat (no mention of what ticked Solange off or what they’d done to resolve the issue). It also denied reports that the “Losing You” singer was “intoxicated or displaying erratic behavior throughout that evening.”

In short, the statement told the public: Mind your business

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The statement was received with mixed reviews on social media. Some complimented the family’s PR team for their savviness, while others complained about still having no clue about the cause of the incident.

We’re not surprised the normally private Carter-Knowles clan decided to keep the details of this personal disagreement to themselves. Do you think they did the right thing? Do our celebs owe us explanations for personal scandals?

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