ESSENCE Poll: Did You Have a Sweet 16?
Prince Williams/FilmMagic

It’s a blast from the past: MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” made a comeback!

Land of the lavish parties, extravagant gifts and, at times, bratty birthday girls, the hit show aired from 2005 to 2008, and whether we admit it or not, we were all sad to see it go. 

In honor of Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter, turning 16, the network showed a special broadcast of her own “My Super Sweet 16,” which aired on Monday, and it didn’t disappoint. Guests at Reginae’s party included strictly A-listers like Nicki Minaj and Kandi Buruss, and the birthday girl walked away with both a Ferrari and a BMW. Oh, and she also arrived at her party in style, emerging from a Cinderella-esque carriage.

Ok, so maybe your Sweet 16 wasn’t swarming with celebs, but we want to hear about your big day. Did you have a Sweet 16 party? Take our poll, and tell us about yours in the comments!

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