Black students at the University of Missouri are speaking out about what they describe as a racially-fraught campus environment.

According to NBC News, graduate students called for a walkout Monday as part of protests demanding that the university’s president, Tim Wolfe, step down from his position.

Wolfe has since resigned saying, “It’s the right thing to do.”
Prior to his resignation students criticized Wolfe’s handling of racism on campus, claiming that he failed to address important issues and was dismissive when it came to the concerns of Black students.

There have also been complaints of racial slurs and harassment. In September, the university’s student government president said someone yelled racial slurs at him from a passing pickup truck. In early October, members of a Black student organization said a drunken White student hurled racial slurs at them.

Students have gotten the support of individual teachers, school departments and the football team, who’ve gone on strike with the support of their head coach.

The recent events at the University of Missouri made us wonder about the experiences of those of us who didn’t attend an HBCU. How did you experience race while attending a predominantly White institution? Did you experience racism? Share your story below.

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