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ESSENCE Poll: Could You Forgive a Cheating Husband?

Scandal’s First Lady gives new meaning to “one tough cookie.” Could you ever forgive and forget?
ESSENCE Poll: Could You Forgive a Cheating Husband?

It’s official: ABC’s Scandal is the juiciest drama on primetime and we’re all hooked. From messy affairs to failed assassination attempts (on the president no less!), the shocking show keeps us on our toes. The most controversial storyline to date has been the ongoing Olitz affair—President Fitz’s steamy affair with professional fixer Olivia Pope—and it just keeps getting crazier. Perhaps the most shocking detail of them all is that his wife, First Lady Mellie, knows, and yet she continues to tolerate and forgive his adulterous behavior just to save face and ensure her spot in the White House.

Now, we tweet along with you during each episode, so we know Mellie’s acceptance of Fitz’s scandalous ways has been a tough pill for you to follow. And, you’re not alone. How could any wife forgive a man who so blatantly disrespects their marriage? It’s no secret that Fitz went too far long ago, but Mellie’s still by his side.

When it comes to cheating, how much can you forgive? Does it matter if the man is your husband or your boyfriend? Or, is it just a deal breaker overall? Take our poll and let’s discuss.

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