ESSENCE Poll: Can Women Who Wear Weaves Be a Part of ‘Team Natural’?
Nicki Minaj/ Instagram

Nicki Minaj wants you to know that underneath all her wigs is a head full of natural hair. The rapper showed off her shoulder-length mane on Instagram last night with the caption “no perm, no extensions.”

Minaj’s photos follow on the heels of Gabrielle Union’s photo of her hair without a weave. “This is all mine, no clips, no extensions, hadn’t even been pressed,” wrote Union.

“It got this healthy thick length from responsibly wearing weaves,” she added.

Seeing that they’re both keeping their hair chemical-free under their weaves and wigs, do you consider Minaj and Union or any other woman who does the same a part of #TeamNatural?

Take our poll and leave your comment below.

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