ESSENCE Poll: Are You Putting Off Having Kids?
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If you’re putting off having children to pursue other goals, you’re not alone.

On Friday, U.S. Health officials with the National Center for Health Statistics released a new report on the birth rate in the U.S., revealing that more women are waiting until their 30s and early 40s to have children and the birth rate among Black women as at a record low.

First birth rates for women aged 15-29 declined in 2012 while they rose for women ages 30-39. The study doesn’t look at why women are waiting longer to become mothers, but it’s not surprising given the fact that recent statistics say couples are tying the knot later in life and choosing cohabitation over marriage.

For some women, the decision to postpone motherhood until later in life revolves around their personal or career goals, while others wait until they’re married and settled down.

Less Black women are giving birth each year. In 2012, birth rates among Black women decreased one percent, putting it at a record low, the report states. From 2011 to 2012, birth rates declined for women aged 15-29, but rose for women aged 30-44. However, the rates for women aged 10-14 and 45-49 were unchanged.

Do these stats reflect your current views on motherhood or those of women in your circles?

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