The Beyhive was buzzing yesterday when unretouched photos of their Queen (Bey) were leaked.

In our eyes, Beyonce still looked flawless, but the photos, which were allegedly from her 2013 Feria and Infallible L’Oréal campaign, showed a side of her that many had never seen: blemishes and signs of aging. In a sense, it was a relief knowing that, contrary to popular thought, even Bey is a normal person.

Despite seeing celebs who have been caught without an ounce of coverup, some women quiver at the mere thought of leaving their bedrooms without at least a swipe of mascara and a touch of lipstick. However, others quiver at the burden of applying a full face of makeup every. single. day.

We want to know, are you a makeup-loving lady or a fresh-faced sister? Take our poll and leave us a comment telling us why you love (or despise) your makeup. 

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