After all of the hype Nicki Minaj created over the release of her highly-anticipated video for “Anaconda,” it is finally here. And of course, it’s been followed by a ton of attention. The twerk-tastic five minutes features Minaj with four other bootylicious babes, in as little clothes as possible. 

And not everyone is thrilled about it. Is she disrespecting women by showing all those butts, some wonder, or is she merely celebrating our derrieres?

From Sir Mix-A-Lot to the 2 Live Crew, backsides have been in videos long before the Pink Friday songstress. But when put on display by men, there’s always controversy. 

So what do you think: Are sexualized depictions of women okay when created by a female artist? Or do you find them unacceptable, no matter who the artist is? Take our poll and explain your yes or no, in the comments below. 

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