In honor of World AIDS Day it’s important to help continue the conversation about practicing safe sex and the spread of HIV and AIDS in our community. From apps that help you swap STD test results to exciting toys that are perfect for when you’re abstaining from sex but still seeking intimate pleasure, there are more ways than ever before to stay safe and informed. We asked our Facebook fans to tell us how they practice safe sex (always) and these are a few of our favorite responses.

“The safest sex is no sex until marriage. I believe that we must teach young people to value their bodies and themselves and not to abstain because they do not want to disappoint their parents, but because they know their worth and value and understand that their bodies are temples.” – Lulu

“I stick to only one partner and we use condoms until we decide to go to the doctor and discuss healthy sex together.” – Tiffany S.

“I use condoms and a dental dam or otherwise I just say no. Sex is great but no act is worth my life. Safe sex all day!” – Lateciaya B.

“My mom taught us that abstinence is the key, and condoms aren’t ever for sure and birth control isn’t guaranteed. Know the difference between lust and love.” – Tiffany R.

“I’m in a happy monogamous marriage.” – Mary P.

“You both get tested at the beginning of a relationship, and then always use a condom.” – Aliyah V.

“I stick to intimacy with me, myself and I. No one is worth my life. Call me selfish – I wear it well.” – Cheryl L.

“Know their status! You can trust yourself but you cannot trust other.” – Patty D.

“My girlfriend and I practice abstinence, which is the safest, but it also protects her in other ways. In the event our relationship does not lead to marriage, which is the purpose for which I date, I am one less man that has compromised her sexually, which could have a great effect on her emotionally as well as her self-esteem.” — Derek S.

“From jump, our first date is to the doctor’s office so we both know what’s to be expected. That way we are both setting a level of trust and honesty from the jump. When we sleep together condoms are a must. Getting tested regularly and having an open dialogue allows you and your partner to set into notion what will and won’t be tolerable. It shows you not only care and respect yourselves, you’re thinking about their well being too.” – Ang F.