40 Reasons to Love Our Girlfriends

Why We Love Our Girlfriends

Sure you could live without your girlfriends, but would you really want to? Who would you shop, workout, talk trash or watch reality TV with? Who would you tell your deepest, darkest secrets. Who would you cry to or celebrate with? Let these 40 reasons we love our girlfriends remind you why life is way better with good friends by your side.

They’re all-knowing

A good girlfriend knows everything about you… everything. Yep, even the things you wish nobody knew, and she loves you anyway.

They’re our favorite fashionistas

Your girlfriend’s closest are filled with fashionable pieces that you can’t wait to borrow.

They’re with us through the best of times

Good friends are by our side through births, weddings and even job promotions.

…And the worst

Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries and our best girlfriends don’t disappear when the times get tough.

Oh No They Didn’t!

A good girlfriend will curse out anybody for calling you out of your name without you even asking her to.

They make the best travel companions

Really, nothing beats a relaxed getaway with good girlfriends.

They help us choose the right men

Life is full of tricky relationship situations, but an honest gal pal will remind us of what we need, not want, most in a man.

They’re our best cheerleaders

Our girlfriend is great for when we need to have someone in our corner cheering us on.

They have unconditional love

No matter what happens in life, we can always count on our girlfriends’ unconditional love.

Our bond remains strong despite distance and time

If we don’t speak for weeks or even months at a time and then we do connect it’s as if we never lost touch

They’re the best sounding boards

It seems all we have to do is think of her in a time of need and she is already on her way to help.

Sometimes they even look like us

Ever had a stranger ask whether you and your BFF are related? It’s the best feeling.

They make the best dessert buddies

Who else can enjoy a really good piece of chocolate cake better than your girlfriend?

They party better than anybody else

Few people can make you have a good time quite like your girls.

They make us laugh

A good girlfriend knows how to make us laugh so hard until we cry. Her sense of humor is refreshing and always keeps a smile on our face.

They’re the best hairstylists

Girlfriends are always down to hook up your hair and makeup before you head out for a night on the town.

They take one for the team

A good girlfriend never complains about being your wing woman and will gladly chat up your guy’s strange friend, just so you can have some extra flirt time. Just don’t expect her to go on a date with him. She’s got to draw the line somewhere.

Girl, Change that Outfit

A good girlfriend tells you when that outfit is all wrong or your weave needs a touch up.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Girlfriends tell you when you’re being shady and need to come correct.

They’re the best remedy

They’re the only ones that’ll get within 10 feet of you when you are running a high fever to bring you cough drops and chicken soup.

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Thyey’re the best matchmakers

Girlfriends always have a Rolodex of eligible bachelors to hook you up with.

We have the best conversations

Two-hour long conversations feel like 5 minutes with good girlfriends.

We swear they have psychic powers

Girlfriends know when you say, “I don’t want anything big for my birthday,” that you really want a surprise party and that guy you have a major crush on better be there.

They don’t rub it in

Even after telling you that he was no good, girlfriends doesn’t say “I told you so” when he shows his true colors.

They chow down…

Girlfriends won’t let you eat that tray of hot wings and jalapeno poppers all by yourself.

They’re always a couch away

You know that if you and your guy split up or have a major fight and you need a place to go and clear your head, your girlfriend’s couch already has your name on it.

They throw down in the kitchen

A good girlfriend makes the best gumbo you’ve ever had (aside from your mom’s, of course).

TV Queen

Good girlfriends are always down to come over for cocktails and a “Sex and the City” or “Soul Food” marathon.

Dancefloor Diva

A good girlfriend is always ready to sweat out her relaxer on the dance floor with you.

They make the best workout buddies

Girlfriends get out of bed at 8 am on a Saturday to meet you at the gym.

They are supportive

In any phase of life, true girlfriends will always have your back.

They embrace our differences

We have enough in common to love being together, but we also appreciate our uniqueness and differences.

They bring us joy

From cooking a meal together to enjoying a movie at home in our pj’s, we can always count on a good time when we’re with good girlfriends.

They inspire us to dream

We love to dream big and our girlfriend is just as ambitious and admirable as we are.

We balance each other out

Like yin and yang, hot and cold, there is always the perfect balance between true girlfriends.

They are a shoulder to cry on

Life’s hardships can bring us to tears sometimes, and the comforting hug of a true friend is invaluable.

They pray for us

Our girlfriend’s spirituality is a precious gem. She knows when to get on her knees or when it’s time to go to church.

They can help us sort out relationship drama

Every woman goes through hard times in relationships. Having a girlfriend that will hear us out is definitely a good thing.

They’re always there to talk shop

Nothing says “best friend” like accompanying you to find a new pair of skinny jeans. Your girls are there to talk you off a ledge when you have to go up two sizes to fit into those European designer duds. They’ll also convince you not to spend $200 on denim and try on the most eccentric of outfits just to make you laugh.

They remind us that Black is beautiful

Our girlfriends are the epitome ofstrong, black women.We are always reminded of that when we think of our bff.