Essence Atkins Washes Woman’s Feet in Act of Sisterhood
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Essence Atkins has taken the power of sisterhood to new heights. While at Atlanta radio station, Hot 107.9, to promote her new stage play, Things Your Man Won’t Do, Atkins humbled herself in front of a total stranger to acknowledge and celebrate the bond that Black women share. In a video, originally posted on Facebook by Michael Adeyeye, the actress is shown washing the feet of a woman she had just met. <ess_video<
Essence Atkins got down on her knees and washed my friend Allison Pecola Person’s feet today which I believe is a wonderful way to exude a simple act of kindness. #WWJD #TYL Posted by Michael Adeyeye on Friday, November 13, 2015