Ever since Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, everyone has been chit-chatting about Best New Artist winner Esperanza Spalding. For most, it was their first introduction to Spalding and her unique flavor and style of music, and for others it was just the confirmation they needed to purchase her CD off iTunes.

In light of her recent achievement, Spalding released a statement detailing her joy and excitement for winning and what it means for jazz music…

“I can hardly express what a surprise and a thrill it was Sunday night to receive my first Grammy. I am still overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude for all of the people who believe in my music and who voted for me. This is a truly inspiring moment” she said.

“I hope this will be significant in that the Esperanza focused spotlight of the media’s eye will illuminate more than just an edge of the HUGE breadth of all that is happening in jazz music as a whole right now,” she added.

In 2008, Spalding released her debut album and in 2010 the young jazz musical genius released her sophomore album, “Chamber Music.” Among a growing audience and fan base, Spalding is close friends with Prince. He introduced the world to her at last year’s BET Awards when a then young and unnoticed Spalding performed alongside the purple one.

With a Grammy under her belt, Spalding is only gaining the momentum she needs to push jazz music into the mainstream.


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