Fans were a-Twitter after learning that Erykah Badu’s Saturday night performance at the SXSW festival  in Austin, Texas, had been postponed after a run-in with a stalker. The Texan soulstress was scheduled to go onstage at 7 P.M., but informed fans via social networking site Twitter that something unexpected was going on at her house. “Police just apprehended a stalker in front of my house. Stay tuned for details.”

Badu told readers exactly what happened when her stalker, as she described as a “White woman mid to late 20’s,” visited her home. The woman, who had visited Badu’s residence three times already, lined flowers outside of her house and was a teacher at Badu’s former high school who wanted to help the “children.”  The stalker was eventually arrested. The “Didn’t Cha Know?” singer drove to Austin in time to perform two songs and left immediately after. —PSS