Erykah Badu Surprised Students at a Newark High School
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Video has finally surfaced of a surprise performance Erykah Badu gave lucky high school students back in 2014. 

Erykah Badu’s New Boo Just Shared Their First Photo

In collaboration with Future Projects, Badu teamed up with Dream Directors to crash the students’ lunch period. She’s initially doubtful the kids will know who she is, but once she enters the room it becomes clear that everyone knows the iconic singer.

Nail Erykah Badu’s Sultry Reverse Cat-Eye

Badu greets a few students before beginning her performance, jumping onto lunch tables and eating fries from kids’ lunch trays all while singing “On and On” as the students look on in awe.

Erykah Badu Has a Little Admirer

What a lucky group of kids!

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