Erykah Badu Was Stopped By The Police On New Years Eve So A Cop Could Say ‘Hi’

Erykah Badu was pulled over on New Year’s Eve but it had nothing to do with breaking the law.

On Sunday the “Tyrone” singer shared a video on Instagram of her sitting inside her car and talking to two police officers in Dallas. She asked the officers why they pulled her over, to which one of them replied, “Because I wanted to say ‘hi’.”


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Badu, who’s never had any major runs in with the law, captioned the post with “WTF BABYLON !! HAPPY NEW YEAERZZZZ!”

And while some thought the incident was funny, others in her comment’s questioned why the officers weren’t doing their job on the busy holiday.

“Nah I ain’t with it,” said one commenter. “Do your f**king job, Go find real criminals.”

“I have a funny feeling this clip will make it to his supervisor… it won’t be funny then Officer Friendly!,” another comment read.

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While there’s no word on if the officers were reprimanded for pulling over a civilian just to fan out, it does make one wonder why they weren’t more focused on pulling over actual lawbreakers.