While Americans are racking their brains about how they can get to Washington, D.C., in January for the inauguration, soulster Eric Benet has already received an invite.

“I got a call from my manager and I was screaming, literally,” said Benét. “I’ve been a huge supporter of Obama, from calling radio stations to participating in voting drives, so this is an amazing honor. It’s one of those monumental moments like Gettysburg Address and the American Revolution that humanity will look back on 200 years from now and say, ‘America finally woke up!’ I feel like one of the guys from the Boston Tea Party throwing the tea overboard. Because of Obama, America is finally gonna be sexy again.”

Although Benét can’t confirm which ball, the crooner who received two Grammy nods for his latest album, “Love & Life,” says he has had no restrictions put upon him and plans to perform three songs. “Whatever I sing it will be appropriate for the occasion,” he says.