Emotional Nudity: Do Your Kids Know Reality Stars Aren’t Role Models?

You might want to take off your designer sunglasses because it’s about to get real shady up in here. I hate to put ‘em on blast but, err, Rihanna is not a role model and those reality stars we can’t get enough of aren’t either. There, I said it. Please don’t let me see one more teenage, tweenage or baby girl dressed as a pop star or “giving face” like Mariah (Married To Medicine’s queen of ratchet). Now wait. I can’t throw Rhi-Rhi and Mariah under the bus alone, they have some company under there. Also on my list of women who I’d like tell to “take a seat” are the entire cast of Love and Hip Hop (NYC and Atlanta!), Basketball Wives (LA and Miami) and Keeping Up With The Kardashians (no matter how fashion-forward or “family” centered they are). I know I missed a boat load of folks, so just insert your own names here _____.

Now I’m not going to be two-faced and say that I don’t watch these celebrities, because I do. But I’m a grown woman who knows better than to behave the way that they do. I also do what I can to limit the exposure the little women in my world have to such ridiculous behavior.

So listen up ladies, and listen good. Under no circumstances should you allow your daughters, nieces or lil’ cousins to adopt women like this shady lot as role models in any form. Like I said, “Girl, take a seat!”

I know you watch reality TV, but should your daughter be watching it too? Let me frame this differently for you: If you think the ghastly gang that I’ve mentioned are acceptable programming for teens, I will assume the following: 1.) You want your daughter to post naked pictures of herself on Instagram or become a household name because of a not-so-private sextape. 2) You’re aware that she will only attract men that see her as a trophy or punching bag. 3.) You are prepared to bail your precious princess out of the slammer every time she dislikes what someone says about her. If I have judged you correctly, then I think you have a winning solution.

But as for me, I would much rather have the precious jewels in my world point their admirations towards the Viola Davis’ and Judy Smith’s of the world. I might even throw in a Queen Latifah or Condi Rice to keep it interesting. But whomever you choose as a role model for your mini-me, just make sure they remain fully clothed for a living and they don’t see a slap or hurled drink as resolutions to conflict.

Jai Stone

Jai Stone is a socialpreneur, author, syndicated blogger and the founder of the Emotional Nudity Lifestyle Brand. Jai writes about love, life and the pursuit of authentic joy. Follow her on Twitter @JaiStone or visit her blog.