White Nationalists Tried To Record Video In Front Of Emmett Till Memorial
Scott Olson/Getty Images

A group brandishing a white nationalist flag was captured on surveillance footage over the weekend trying to record a video in front of the Emmett Till memorial in Sumner, Mississippi, NBC News reports.

Back in October, the Emmett Till Memorial Commission in Glendora dedicated the marker—the fourth to be placed in that location—to honor the teen who was brutally murdered in a lynching 64 years ago. Due to the constant vandalism of the sign, which had to be replaced three times prior, the current marker is bulletproof.

With the installation of the new sign, there was also a new surveillance system put into place, which captured the group’s disturbing actions.

“This is the first incident we’ve seen of what appears to be white nationalists making a propaganda video,” the executive director of the Emmett Till Memorial Commission, Patrick Weems, told NBC News.

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The group of people are seen carrying both a Mississippi State flag (which features a Confederate battle flag inlaid in it) and a flag connected to neo-Confederate group the League of the South in Alabama.

In the footage, a man’s voice could be heard saying, “We are here at the Emmett Till monument that represents the civil rights movement for Blacks. What we want to know is where are all the white people?”

A white supremacist group visited our Emmett Till historic marker, dedicated just weeks ago, today. Thank them for reminding us why this work matters by donating at http://emmett-till.org

Posted by Sumner Courthouse and Emmett Till Interpretive Center on Saturday, November 2, 2019

However, before the video could be completed, sirens—another added security feature to the new sign—started going off, scattering the group as they raced to get away.

According to NBC News, the Tallahatchie County Sheriff’s Office has been monitoring the site since then.


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