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Elise Neal Dishes on New TV Show with Tami Roman

Elise Neals says Tami Roman is a great actress, despite her rocky reality TV past.
Actress Elise Neal is gearing up for a new sitcom, Belle’s, alongside show creator and reality TV diva, Tami Roman.

The TV One show, centered on a family that runs an upscale soul food restaurant called Belle’s, is yet to receive an air date. But the cast and crew are busy filming episodes. “So far we’ve done seven shows already, it’s going to be a great new show, great sitcom,” said Neal to ESSENCE.com exclusively.

No matter what you may think of the Basketball Wives drama queen, Neal says she’s talented. “It stars myself, Keith David, the great Tami Roman. Everyone wants to have his or her opinions about her but, she’s a great actress.”

Neal says even though she’s a traditional actress, she’s a huge fan of reality TV. “I do like reality TV, I just want us [sitcoms and reality TV] to co-exist. I love Top Chef, I honestly love Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It’s crazy entertainment but I just want us to co-exist. That’s all.”

Are you looking forward to watching Elise Neal and Tami Roman’s new show?

Reporting by Lathleen Ade-Brown