Ebola Virus Re-emerges, May Hit Lagos, Nigeria Next
AFP/Getty Images

The Ebola virus has reemerged in most of West Africa, killing hundreds. 

According to TIME, the deadly virus may be spreading into Lagos, Nigeria, after a man collapsed in the airport with signs of being infected. The government’s concern revolves around the prior location of the man—Liberia—which is where the disease is currently prevelant. Because of the severity of the outbreak in Liberia, the government has decided to close the country’s border. The man’s blood samples have been sent for testing.

Nigerian health officials have continued to ask residents to “remain calm and take appropriate measures for the prevention and control of the disease.” This means limiting all contact with people or animals who are infected. 

If the virus hits Lagos, there could be immense damage as the city is home to over 21 million residents. The outbreak has already hit Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.