Week after week, Brandy continues to lead the pack on “Dancing with the Stars.” With each dance step she’s getting closer to the mirror ball trophy… and there are only a few episodes left before the final. The new dancing queen shared some details on how she keeps her hair tight while dancing 24/7, the possibility of her taking the home the big prize, and of course, she’s explaining her recent comments on being celibate for six years… Last week you did a really good rendition of the tango. You said it was really emotional. How so? BRANDY: The tango is very aggressive and my personality is bubbly and upbeat — young in a way. It was hard to channel that. Also, I wasn’t picking up the steps how I normally do. Usually I can pick them up pretty well and I’m dancing it by the third day with a little bit of confidence. I was blanking out in spots and really couldn’t get my transitions together, so it was emotional. I was a wreck. The pressure of staying on top of the leader board, it was really tough for me. Everyone was talking about your silver boots last week, where did you get them? BRANDY: They were black at first. The wardrobe department dyed them because the floor was supposed to be black. I thought the black would have looked better. For the second week in a row, you’ve received the highest score. How does it feel to probably be the clear winner? BRANDY: This is a beautiful journey. I try not to focus on the leader board and the scores, and I really want to work hard and get to the final. I think the way to get to the final is to continue to work hard, and of course, stay humble. Sometimes when you get caught up being the leader and the frontrunner, you get cocky and I don’t want to go that route. That’s not how I want to take that trophy. I just want to put everything I got into this and that will take humility. How many hours a week do you practice? BRANDY: I rehearse six hours a day, every day. You recently revealed that it’s been six years since you’ve been intimate with someone… what did you mean by that? BRANDY: It’s been six years since I’ve been in love and in a serious relationship. Like I said before, I tend to abstain when I’m not in a relationship. It hasn’t been six years, but it’s been a while. Not a steamy love life over here! How are you managing to get by? BRANDY: ‘How am I managing to get by?’ Wow! It’s been interesting. I’ve always been that kind of woman to relate intimacy with love, when I’m not in love, I don’t care, I’m not feeling it. That’s a good thing because it puts me more into myself and I’m just being a mom and doing my thing on the work end. When the right man comes along, he’ll come along. I believe he’s out there somewhere, he just needs to hurry up! All of the women want to know what’s your hair care regimen, since you’re dancing so much, and you’re sweating… BRANDY: Well, we have a great team at ‘DWTS’ and they’re Emmy award-winning stylists and they keep it up. You know when you wear weaves and wigs. It’s fun, you get to play dress-up. For me, for my natural hair, I really like to keep that intact. My hair is really long and I’m really proud of where it’s come from. So I definitely take care of my natural hair as well. But it’s fun doing the weaves. You get to be a Barbie doll! What products do you use? BRANDY: I use Kim Kimbell’s whole line. It’s so healthy for your hair. It really does something with natural hair. I love her shampoos, hot oil treatments, it’s really good to take care of your own hair and keep it out of the heat. You know how us women of color like to do the press and comb and all that stuff, so I try to keep that off my natural hair.