Nita Hanson, the caller who dialed-in to Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s show to ask for relationship advice and instead received a thesis on the N-word, spoke about the incident for the first time on CNN’s “America Morning.” Hanson told the show’s host, TJ Holmes, that at first she worried that she may have said something wrong to Dr. Laura. She also said she had not spoken to Schlessinger since the incident, but that when the talk-radio host issued her apology she asked Hanson — who called in under the name Jade — to call back so that she could give her the advice that she should have given her in the first place. “At this point there’s nothing she can do for me,” Hanson told “America Morning,” “I called for help and there’s nothing she can say to me at this point.” Hanson says Schlessinger’s apology seemed “insincere.”