Dr. Ian Smith Keeps Eating Clean and Healthy in a New Book
Michael Rowe

It’s fail proof. As I’m about to chow down on some greasy Chinese chicken wings, that’s the second I receive an email or text from Dr. Ian Smith with news that a) he’s written another book b) it’s about food and fitness and c) he’s going to be in town. 

Sure enough, Dr. Ian came through our offices at ESSENCE looking cut and sharing copies of The Shred Diet Cookbook (St. Martin’s Press, $27.99). I’ve enjoyed all of Dr. Ian’s SHRED series—including SHRED: The Revolutionary Diet and SUPER SHRED: The Big Results Diet. But as someone who doesn’t like to cook, and believes diet food lacks flavor, I was leery that I would make The Shred Diet Cookbook my go-to resources for cutting calories. 

Uh, I was quite wrong. 

In 75 recipes, Dr. Ian hooks up homestyle food (try the Sweet Barbecue Steak and Black-Eye Pea Salad), whips up protein meals that pack a punch (the Seared Mustard Pork Chops. What?!), and doesn’t make carbs an enemy. The recipes won’t empty your ATM and don’t have fifteen ingredients that take up counterspace and have you feenin’ for Domino’s two hours later. And Dr. Ian keeps it real for those of us who have real challenges keeping our nutrition in check and on track.