Dr. Conrad Murray is having a tough time in jail. After being convicted of involuntary manslaughter charges, he is reportedly talking about taking his own life.

TMZ is reporting that Murray is having a difficult time coping with his guilty verdict and that reality is beginning to set in for the convicted physician. His lawyers informed him to be prepared for a possible guilty verdict — unfortunately, it looks like he didn’t take them seriously, or the reality just didn’t register.

He has spoken with several people in his camp, including his lawyers, bodyguard, and partner Nicole Alvarez. He’s reportedly indicated to them all that he wants to commit suicide.

Today’s news comes exactly one week after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said he was not on suicide watch. KTLA.com reported that Murray has been placed in a medical building where the number of guards to inmates ratio is higher than normal for his safety and that location happens to be where suicidal inmates are housed.

Murray has two weeks until he is sentenced in a L.A. courtroom. He’s facing up to four years in prison.


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