The 14th day of the Michael Jackson Doctor Trial raged on this afternoon.

According to E! Online, Dr. Steven Shafer denounced Dr. Murray, saying, “The facts in this case, in my view… virtually none of the safeguards were in place when propofol was administered to Mr. Jackson.”

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Dr. Shafer, an expert on propofol, said it was “inexcusable” that Murray did not immediately call 911 after seeing Michael Jackson in distress.

While on the stand, Dr. Shafer continued to debunk the defense claim that Jackson self-administered a dose of propofol. “The possibility of a direct self-injection seems extremely unlikely,” he said, according to NPR, and continued with the opinion that it’s more likely that Murray gave Jackson higher doses than he originally told police.

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“We are in pharmacological never-never land here, something that was done to Michael Jackson and no one else in history to my knowledge,” said Dr. Shafer, inadvertently invoking the name of Jackson’s California ranch, Neverland.

Next week the defense is expected to bring forth its witnesses.


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